Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
KM-803301 SoC Development Board and At Speed FPGA Emulation
Development Board Capabilities 
  • 172 pin CQFP Socket  
  • Separate supplies for Core (1.2V), Chip IO (3.3v) and Peripherals (3.3V) 
  • Current monitoring of all supplies 
  • Single 5V supply support 
  • Support for 8 GPIO signals 
  • 4x RS-422 Drivers and Receivers 
  • Debounced switches for reset, SPI Download, manual Bootup, automatic Bootup, interrupts 
  • Program Counter for logic analyzer monitoring and debug 
  • RS-232 DCE and DTE 
  • SMA CPU Clock input 
  • Dual I2C Buss interface 
  • On Board ATMEL Flash (128Kx8) for Bootup and XTEDS 
  • Connectors for SPI Firmware download/upload via USB/SPI interface to PC 
  • 4 digit Seven Segment display for debug and software development 
  • Support for SPI Master and Slave using PMODs (12 pin)
FPGA 50 MHz Clock Development Support  
  • Xilinx Spartan 3E 1200 Running at 50 MHz  
  • Support for Digilent Nexys2™ and Genesys™ Virtex-5  
  • Development Boards 
  • Modules (PMOD™)  
  • SpaceWire LVDS, Dual I2C Bus Support, 1 Mbit NVM Bootup/XTEDS 
  • RS-422 Tx and Rx

Nexys2™, Genesys™ and PMOD™ are trademarks of Digilent, Inc.
MySoftware Development Support for the KM-803301 SoC
  • Full Support for CCS C and Assembly Firmware Development 
  • C API for Serial, I2C and SPI EEPROM 
  • Firmware Download to Silicon via USB/SPI Interface 
  • Program Counter Available for Debugging in Real Time